Treatment of Gum Disease


Gum diseases can lead to loss of teeth if they are not treated. Bleeding and swelling of gums, and a bad smell inside mouth indicate gum disease.

We usually give up brushing our teeth when there is bleeding from the gums. This makes the gum disease worse. In such a case, you have to continue with brushing, and visit your dentist as soon as possible. We treat gum diseases, dental tartar, and inflamed gum tissue, and clean the gums. Unless the inflammation in the gum is treated, it spreads to the bone, causing loss of the bone tissue. If there is a bone loss, the teeth become loose and may be lost due to lack of support.

To have healthy teeth and gums, all you need is regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a mouthwash. If you visit your dentist regularly every 6 months, dental problems can be resolved before they become worse, so that you can smile with your own teeth throughout your life.



Cleaning of the dental surface is the most commonly performed treatment in our clinic in order to remove discolorations and to bleach the teeth. It has to be performed routinely once in a year for your dental and gum health. We treat stains from cigars, cigarettes, coffee, and tea in a short time as half an hour. Apart from that, we apply bleaching for those who prefer naturally whiter teeth. We use special bleaching devices and can whiten the teeth up to 5-10 shades. Meanwhile, our patients have an opportunity to rest for about an hour, as it is a painless and non-tiring procedure.

Bleaching (teeth whitening) is the process of naturally whitening the teeth between 5 to 10 shades. In this treatment, no stain is applied to the teeth, and the process does not cause any loss of material. Therefore, it is completely harmless to the teeth.



If you have dental defects, we obtain more healthy and aesthetic results with implant treatment instead of traditional bridge prosthesis method. Applying implants is a much easier and painless procedure than a tooth extraction. We apply local anesthesia to numb the area of implantation only, and we place the implant in a short time as 6 minutes. Afterwards, we wait for about 2 months for integration of the implant with the jaw bone. You do not experience any problems during this time. After 2 months, we start the second step of treatment. We get dental impressions for the tooth that will be placed on top of the implant. After about 5 days, your new tooth is placed.

Completion of the missing tooth using an implant which we call it as artificial dental root results in more aesthetic and functionally optimal treatment in comparison to other treatment methods. Always choose the most natural treatment.



If you have crowded teeth, and you are not happy with your smile, no need to feel bad and self-conscious. Do not let this affect your social life and your psychology. With dental braces, this problem can be solved a lot easier than you think. Our patients applying to our clinic for aesthetic reasons achieve the smile they desire in a short time as 3-4 months. Since we use transparent braces, you can smile happily throughout your treatment, and you do not experience any issues in your social life.

Contrary to popular belief, age is not a problem in orthodontic treatment. It is possible to apply orthodontic treatment to the patient at any age. For children, the treatment should be applied early, and the orthodontic treatment should be followed up during growth and development period. Make sure that your child is under control for orthodontic treatment from the age of 6 years. Do not be afraid of dental braces. Do not forget! Orthodontic treatment enables you to smile with your own teeth.



It is induced by medications administered by anesthesiologist while the patient is still conscious. Sedation can be applied in the doctor’s office, and when sedated, the patient does not experience any discomfort during the dental interventions. It is very safe for both adults and children and does not cause any side effects. After the procedure, you can easily go back to your social life.


We open a file for our first-time patients in Smile Institute for diagnosis and planning treatment. All procedures are recorded in your personal file and in a computer environment. Your panoramic teeth X-ray is obtained quickly with an X-ray device present in our clinic and is stored in your file. You can also get a CD of your X-ray on your request. Using your panoramic dental X-ray, we can visualize your bone level, dental roots, dental caries on contact sites, and impacted wisdom tooth. Thus, we plan your treatment rapidly and perfectly. During your treatment, small intraoral X-rays called the periapical radiograms guide us for an accurate and effective treatment.