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Botox and Dermal Filling


When dealing with aesthetics of smiling in dentistry, the most challenging issue for the dentist is the gummy smile, that is, excessive display of gum when smiling or speaking. Although gums can be shortened via gingivectomy operation on the gums, this method may not always be sufficient. Gums are particularly exposed while laughing due to the activity of the muscle at that area. This can be prevented with Botox treatment. Desired results can be obtained with 2-3 U/field Botox injection to the muscle called "M.levator labii superioris alaque nasi", and 1-2 U/field Botox injection to 4 injection sites of the muscle called "M. orbicularis oris".

Especially in the upper lip, the filling material can be introduced to the lower border of the lip to boost volume, in order to expose the gums less. Since patients with a gummy smile usually have thin upper lips, this treatment also contributes to their facial aesthetics and balance.

Another important issue is the loss of the height of the lower face. With aging, the distance between the tip of the chin and tip of the nose gets narrower as a result of erosion in the teeth. Oral commissures turn downwards, creating the Marionette lines. When planning restoration of the teeth, the vertical size should be increased. Although restoring the vertical size can correct commissures, established facial lines require restoration with dermal filling materials.


Laminate Veneer

Lower Facial Aesthetics


As lower facial aesthetics, complete restoration of lips, the area above lips, chin, teeth, and gum in terms of both oral health and aesthetics is a new trend in the world. In this trend, dentists and medical aesthetic surgeons collaborate.

When patients apply to the clinic for aesthetic dental treatment, the team makes an assessment of the whole face. It is essential that patient’s request and expectations are understood. It may not be possible to meet these expectations by revitalization and beautifying the teeth alone. It is possible to achieve a more beautiful and younger look in the teeth via aesthetic laminates and bleaching treatments. The desired smile can be restored with aesthetic porcelain laminate and veneers, but the face should be evaluated as a whole. 

The treatment  is only fully complete if refurbished sparkling teeth are supported with the rejuvenation of the surrounding tissues with treatment. Loss of tissue in the lips can be reversed with dermal filling materials. Prominent laugh lines and depressions formed at cheekbone and the cheek are also filled with filling material. Botox application is performed to prevent the mimic lines that form around the eyes and in the forehead. Treatment for skin rejuvenation program is initiated. Renewed and reshaped teeth structure is integrated with the rejuvenation of the face. 


Dişeti Düzeltmeleri

Treatment of Bruxism with Botox 


Bruxism is the most common disease in society. Seventy percent of the population grind or gnash their teeth. The disease can be seen from the age of 2 to 70. Although there is no sexual preference, while it is more prevalent in men in modern societies, it is more prevalent in women in rural areas. This disease is usually caused by stress, depression, anxiety, a restless life and structural disorders of the teeth. Bruxism can be treated with Botox. 

Due to its muscle weakening effect, Botox  was initially used by physiatrists. It is also used in the face to counteract the force of overworking muscles. There are 2 large muscles that clench the teeth, which become stronger in individuals who have the habit of grinding the teeth. Therefore, Botox application to this overstrong muscle can aid in reverting back to the normal chewing force. This way, the teeth are also clenched less, resulting in less damage to the teeth.