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Orthodontic Treatments


The word orthodonty comes from Latin, meaning ordered (uniform) teeth. Accordingly, the goal of dentists who practice orthodontics is to prevent teeth growing out of order and to aid in correcting them. 

Crowded teeth are not only an aesthetic problem, but the presence of aligned teeth in an orderly fashion is also important in terms of dental health. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean with brushing, which can lead to caries in the dental interface. Apart from the aesthetic satisfaction, orthodontic treatment is also important in terms of dental health. 

The most common method used in orthodontic treatment is conventional dental braces. However, due to the aesthetic concerns and the development of technology, alternative methods can be applied today. The dental braces which are used to fixate the wires to the teeth are now available in porcelain material and in the same color as tooth; therefore, they are less visible. 

Apart from this, it is also possible that the braces are applied from the inner side of the teeth so that they are hidden from the outside. These braces applied to the inner surface can be used in daily life without anyone noticing it. 

As an alternative to dental braces, it is possible to align the teeth using transparent aligners, via Invisalign technology. The measurements taken from the mouth are used in specific calculations in the computer to produce a certain number of clean aligners that will be used throughout the treatment. By using these systems for an average of 20 hours per day, the teeth are corrected.